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Good: New take on established mechanics, male characters, auto-play, dual audio
Bad: Very forgettable, standard archetypes, combat is pretty simple
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Sometimes games stick with a formula for way too long. Even though it’s a great game, Pokemon is a huge offender of this. Between the sequels and updates, the same basic concepts are repeated, up to and including Sun/Moon, though that title has made some progress towards new ideas. The same holds true for games made by Compile Heart. While their latest series, Dark Rose Valkyrie looks familiar, it shows signs of stepping out of their comfort zone. With a new setting, badass girls, a mysterious illness and familiar mechanics, is Dark Rose Valkyrie the next Neptunia or is it another Mugen Souls?

Dark Rose Valkyrie starts with a rather grim premise. A mysterious disease has affected most of the population, turning them into savage beasts. To counter this threat, the military has created special fighters to stop them and try to find a cure. It’s a simple story that, if nothing else, gives a reason for the predominately female cast and such.

Since this nation is isolated, they weren’t impacted as bad, allowing them to mount an offensive. In addition to that, infection is more common for males than females, so women are more common on the battlefield than men. It also has some nice touches, but Dark Rose Valkyrie takes a page from Neptunia, with the story being more about character interactions than anything else.

Characters follow the standard archetypes. There is the cute girl, headstrong guy, yes there are some male characters in this game, shy girl and so forth. Your enjoyment will depend on how much you enjoy stock characters. Sure, they have personalities and details besides being shy, but they mostly exist to fulfil one role or another.

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