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Persona 5

The Persona series has always been a fan favorite of JRPG fans all over the world. Not a single Persona game that Atlus released over the years has flopped. Instead, every main entry of the Persona series had always been a success. Now we’re onto the release of Persona 5 and expectations are quite high, especially with the success of Persona 4 Golden back when it was released on PS2, and PS Vita. After spending many hours onto the game, I must say that Persona 5 has surpassed Persona 4 in every possible way and is now my favorite JRPG to date.

The plot of Persona 5 is more mature compared to its predecessor. It actually has a serious tone this time around, with an  ominous and dark vibe to it. Without spoiling the story, you play as a High School student who is placed on probation due to an assault back in your hometown. Your parents send you away to Tokyo to start a new life in the Yongen-Jaya district. As with all Persona games, you will have someone to take care of you and guide you as you finish your second year in high school. From there, you become a member of Phantom Thieves who will infiltrate castles and other areas in a distorted, alternate reality in which you will be saving people. Of course, you will have your friends to join you and a life to live in Tokyo.

In the first six hours, you’ll feel that the story starts off slow. You’ll go through tutorials to get you familiarized with the game and as soon as you are done with it, that’s where you’ll have the freedom to explore and enjoy the game. The story compared to other games in the series is more refined and much better. The narrative is beyond perfect and the exchanges of conversation between the characters are well written. At the beginning of the game, you might all but confused with the plot but as you give the game the time the story gets deeper and you will understand it more. In terms of the characters, they are well developed and they all have an interesting story to tell and Atlus made sure that you’ll feel an emotional connection with each one that you meet. Of course, there will be tragic moments that you’ll encounter in the game but the way Atlus has tackled the narrative aspect is impressive.

Similar to other Persona games, you will live your life as a student oin Shujin Academy where you will go to class, take exams, and do other school activities. Outside of school, you will have your social time to interact with your friends and freedom to do whatever you want. To help you manage your days and time, you will have a calendar system to plan out your activities. You exactly have one school year to get things done, but unfortunately, you will be tasked to do certain things before the school year is over and that’s to save certain people within the game. Every activity that you do is counted as 1 day, so it’s really a good idea to plan things out before doing anything tragic as your time will be gold.

Dungeons in Persona 5 has improved compared to its predecessor. From random-generated floors, the dungeons in Persona 5, also called as Palace, are completely unique to one another. That means, the style of dungeons will vary from one to the next. The Palace that you will get to explore is built around the desires, emotions, inner thoughts and nature of the certain people in the game. It is your job as Phantom Thieves to steal the treasure that lies deep inside the Palace and hope that the person will have a change of heart. But beware, there are enemies and all sorts of traps that stand in your way. Consider the Palace as the alternate reality of that certain character and yes, the dungeons are designed very well and can be considered as much better than dungeons in previous games.

Exploring Palaces are quite fun. Each Palace that you will encounter are designed in a unique way where you will either solve puzzles, or uncover hidden items. After getting the “Third Eye” ability from Igor in the Velvet Room, you will have an opportunity to search for hidden items scattered throughout the dungeon. These items can vary from materials or equipment that will be useful to your exploration. Also, there will be a plethora of hidden areas that you can go to and that can be done with the use of the Jump ability. At certain places of the dungeon, you can jump to reach certain hidden areas, though you will need to use that Third Eye ability to see what areas you can jump from.

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