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In the attempt to invigorate the Dragon Quest series, Square Enix teamed up with the developers of the Dynasty Warriors games to make Dragon Quest Heroes, a musou-like hack and slash action game. The end result was successful as it was received well by fans and critics around the world. To continue on with the perfect combination of Dragon Quest and Dynasty Warriors-style gameplay, Square Enix releases Dragon Quest Heroes II packed with improvements over its predecessor, a new world to explore and teaming up with familiar Dragon Quest characters with one goal in mind – defeat the evil forces.

Dragon Quest Heroes II follows the story of two heroes; Lazarel and Teresa in the town of Harba. While spending time together as cousins in the town, a surprise invasion from another land breaks the thousand year peace in the Seven Realms. In an attempt to prevent the war from truly exploding in the Seven Realms, both heroes and a female character named Desdemona travel to Accordia to talk to the High King. From there, the reason behind the war reveals itself and that’s the start of their epic journey to save the realm. As with all Dragon Quest games, the game starts off at a slow pace but as you delve deeper into the game and spend around 3 to 4 hours, that’s where the game picks up in terms of its plot. Compared to its predecessor, the story of Dragon Quest Heroes II is a tad-better but don’t expect anything too heavy.

One of the key features of the first Dragon Quest Heroes is where characters from past games in the series appear to help you out in your cause. In Dragon Quest Heroes II, the case is the same where fans of the series will once again have a chance to play their favorite Dragon Quest characters such as Jessica, Terry, Maya, Toneko, and Kiryl. Though in this follow up title, there are some new characters that have been added like Angelo from Dragon Quest VIII, Carver from Dragon Quest VI, and Torneko and Meena from Dragon Quest IV. As for unique characters, there is Desdemona and Cesar who also become available as playable characters at some point in the game. With about fifteen or so characters that you can play as, only 4, including the hero can be placed in the party. Expect each character to have their own uniqueness and exploring is pretty much recommended to see which one is ideal to use.

Unlike in the predecessor where playing either as Luceus and Aurora seems to be pointless since they are stuck with their respective elemental properties with no chance to customize them or equip them with different set of weapons, the heroes in Dragon Quest Heroes II are quite different. Regardless whether you pick Lazareal or Teresa, the ability to choose your class and weapons to use opens up after reaching a certain point in the game. Not to mention there are different classes each of the heroes can equip like changing from Warrior class to a Thief or Mage class. At the beginning, both start off as a Warrior but can later be changed by visiting the Alltrades Abbey. Please note that each class has its own proficiency in weapons that they can master where they can get a boost in stats or unlock specific skills.

One of the features that was missing in the first game is the ability to play with other people online. Fortunately, Square Enix listened to the fans please and have finally added a multiplayer portion in Dragon Quest Heroes II. After earning leveling three and have reached Accordia, the multiplayer mode opens up where you have an option to run special dungeons that are filled with monsters. Up to four players can start a multiplayer co-op session. As for the story mode, you will be asked before the mission begin if you want to call for help. If you feel that you need help from friends online, you can seek for three more players to join you. Sadly, the multiplayer portion is only limited to online only as it doesn’t have a local multiplayer. Don’t fret though, the game works pretty well in online mode as it adds more flair to the combat.

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