Atlus Says Persona 5 Special Editions Aren’t Dangerous Regardless What Amazon Says

A few people had their special editions of Persona 5 cancelled by Amazon as the packaging was deemed to be dangerous. Atlus USA says the packaging of the game risks no danger at all.

If you missed the drama, some people online have received emails from Amazon as they cancelled their orders of the Special Edition of Persona 5. Amazon’s reason is that the package contained “dangerous goods”.

Atlus left this statement while speaking to Polygon: “There’s nothing defective or ‘dangerous’ about our product. While there have been cancellations, we understand that only a tiny number of Amazon sales have been affected“.

Atlus suggests customers that have been affected by this to contact Amazon support ASAP. They claim only a small number of people have been affected so everyone else should not worry about their orders. Amazon itself has yet to make further comments on the issue,

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Damian Antony Seeto

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