New Details and Trailer Revealed for Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood


During todays presentation, As Yoshida revealed a number of exciting things about Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood.

The biggest is that the upcoming expansion will follow the liberation of Ala Mhigo, with XIIth Legion Legatus Zenos yae Galvus, ruler of Ala Mhigo, will be one of the main enemies you face.

In addition to a new story, the expansion also adds additional jobs, increases the level cap to 70, adds new areas to explore, all-new dungeons/raids, an improved battle system and other quality of life additions. You can find a full list of changes and updates below.

  • New Job – Samurai (DPS Role): Samurai joins red mage as one of the new jobs to debut in Stormblood. The katana-wielding samurai is a powerful melee attacker and master of “Iai” swordplay techniques who can store energy within their katana to unleash special attacks. This new job will allow players to learn and master the art of “Sen” and its three forces as they develop their abilities: “Setsu” (snow), “Getsu” (moon), and “Ka” (Flower).
  • New City – Kugane: Located within Hingashi, a Far-Eastern archipelago nation with a strict isolationist policy, Kugane is the only port city open to foreign trade vessels. Violent acts are strictly prohibited within the town’s walls.
  • Additional Beast Tribe and Primal: The Ruby Sea is one of many new areas accessible on the continent of Othard, and home to the Kojin—skilled traders residing in underwater settlements who welcome dealings with other races. The Kojin believe that a unique god resides in all objects and are collectors of treasures housing powerful deities. This beast tribe, like the others of Eorzea, finds itself intertwined in the worship of a primal: Lord of The Revel, Susano.
  • New Dungeons: Many new and challenging dungeons, including Yanxia and The Azim Steppe, await adventurers in Stormblood as they explore the reaches of Othard.
  • Residential Areas: The highly anticipated new residential area, Shirogane, was also announced. This housing area in Kugane brings an entirely new style of housing to players, featuring Far-Eastern style dwellings and wards.

Finally, Stormblood marks the end of PlayStation 3 support. Those players looking to continue their adventure on the PlayStation 4 can look forward an upgrade campaign in the future.


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