World of Final Fantasy Update Patch 1.02 Is Out Now


Update version number 1.02 is out now for World of Final Fantasy on the PS4. Some minor patch notes are revealed when you download it on your console.

Square Enix just posted this about the World of Final Fantasy patch notes: We’ve added an oft-requested Theater mode to the Title screen and patched in an awesome new DLC champion: Sora! Also, now you can restore HP/AP at most Gates. (But not the Main Gate or Exit Gates. Sorry!). We’ve also crushed some bugs. CRUSH! They’re gone! Happy imprisming!

World of Final Fantasy is out now on both the PS4 and PS Vita. It’s worth playing if you like the older Final Fantasy video games. You can read our review of it by clicking here. If you need help on the game, lots of guides can be seen by clicking here.

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