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Good: Action-Packed Campaign Mode, Solid Co-Op, Impressive Visuals, Addicting Multiplayer
Bad: New Card System May Be Overwhelming, Not Much is New in Terms of Combat
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The release of Gears of War 3 and Gears of War: Judgment several years ago marked the end of Epic Games’ involvement in the series. Since then, many fans were worried if the series will continue. Through Microsoft’s new internal studio called The Coalition, the much-beloved series continues with Gears of War 4. The pressure is high for The Coalition as Gears of War 4 is the continuation to the award-winning series and many have doubts they are able to surpass what Epic Games started. After spending so much time with Gears of War 4, It’s safe to say that the Gears of War series is in safe hands as The Coalition indeed continues the legacy that Epic Games left behind.

Gears of War 4 takes place twenty five years following the events of the third game. With the Locusts and the Lambents finally gone, the people of the planet Sera have been living peacefully under the rule of the reformed Coalition of Ordered Governments, aka COG. To protect its people from any dangers that the planet might give to the people of Sera, the reformed government declare martial law which prevents people from going outside from their built settlements. Unfortunately, there is that one resistance group who defies the government called Outsiders and that’s where Marcus Fenix’s son, James/JD, comes in. With him not being able to live in the settlements provided by the COG, JD and his friends; Kait and Del, must find a way to survive on their own and this starts their perilous journey as a new threat arises.

Without spoiling anything about the game’s story, there are two new threats that JD and his group will face; the COG and the new type of enemy called the Swarm. With the Locusts and the Lambents gone, just who are these Swarm? Through the five Acts of the game that takes about 12 hours to beat (under Insane difficulty), JD will uncover the secrets of the new threat that might once again threaten humanity. Getting help from many familiar faces from past Gears of War titles, there is hope for JD and the people of the planet Sera.


Storywise, Gears of War 4 has a new story to look forward to and new characters to meet. The first couple of Acts in the game were painfully slow and a bit of a drag but it picks up at around the third act. When all things start to reveal itself about the Swarm, that’s where the game gets interesting and fans of the series are guaranteed to get excited. One of the things that gave me a nostalgic feeling is when I saw several old characters from the past games and yes, expect them to have a big contribution to the plot. As for the ending, it’s not that explosive compared to the third game. This is forgiven since this is a first of a new trilogy and the story will continue in future games.

Fans who have played all Gears of War games in the past, not much has changed to its gameplay in the campaign mode. The mechanics and the combat system is almost identical to past games where JD and his friends must go through waves of enemies to proceed from one area to the next. The popular over-the-shoulder and cover system is back. Make no mistake, the combat system is phenomenal and I find them to be more solid and refined. If there’s one thing that’s been added to make the combat better, that would be the addition of trading weapons between the two other characters in your team. At some point when the game gets too tough, you can invite a friend to join you in a co-operative play. As always, a Gears of War game is best played with a friend and it’s not any different from past titles.

As far as collectibles go, they are back and there are plethora to collect in all five acts. For those who wants to learn more of the new lore in Gears of War 4, I suggest collecting them all as some collectibles give more information like what happened to previous characters in the series and more.

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