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Good: Broken Isle is Vast and Beautiful, Artifact Weapons, Lots of Secrets to Uncover, Teaming Up with People and Exploration are Highly Encouraged
Bad: Same Redundant Questing Is Still Prevalent,
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world of warcraft legion

As the critically acclaimed World of Warcraft enter its 12th year, Blizzard isn’t stopping anytime soon in supporting the MMO as the much awaited Legion expansion has finally released. With the news of subscribers dropping over the years, the release of the Legion expansion could potentially increase the numbers again as it’s currently the best expansion to-date. Offering a much better storyline, an improved Garrison-like feature called Class Halls, World Quests to tackle to acquire rare goods, Artifact Weapons to collect, a new Demon Hunter class available at level 98 and many more, people who have unsubscribed may get the itch to start playing the game once again.

Compared to past World of Warcraft expansions, Legion has the most exciting story to date. With the Burning Legion invading Azeroth, all five different factions of the Broken Isle must unite and find a way to stop their growing numbers and close the gate once and for all. With you being the Champion who must traverse through the Broken Isle, you are expected to make allegiances with all factions as you uncover the secrets of the weapons used by the Titans called Pillars of Creation that could potentially help Azeroth in driving the Burning Legion back to where they came from. Unlike in previous expansions where you are forced to do quests in a linear fashion, Legion now allows you to do the storyline quests in any order you want. Whichever area you want to start your journey, the enemies that you encounter will scale to your level, which is a good thing as this kind of freedom is very addictive and is a welcome change to the World of Warcraft franchise.


For veteran players, World of Warcraft still has redundant quests like fetching or killing certain amount of enemies that you have to do if you wish to reach level 110 by doing the story quests. Luckily, Blizzard added some in-game activities that makes journeying through the Broken Isle fun. If you are one of those people who love exploring, there are a lot of hidden treasure chests scattered throughout the Broken Isle. Some chests that you find will give you items that increases your Order Hall points or Artifact Weapon points. Also, you’ll get a hookshot type weapon that allows you to go from low area places to higher areas where more secrets are left to be uncovered.

The Broken Isle is beautiful and those who appreciate the changes they did in graphics since Warlord of Draenor will be pleased with Legion. While flying in the Broken Isle isn’t possible, players will still appreciate the lush world of the Broken Isle. The environments are colorful and the draw distance this time around is great. As for dungeons, Blizzard did a phenomenal job once again with its designs and bosses that you’ll get to fight. In Legion, there are a total of 10 dungeons available with more coming in future patches.

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World of Warcraft: Legion Review, 4.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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