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Good: Satisfying Combat, Platforming Segments Are Good, Open-World
Bad: Loading Times are Horrible, Occasional Pop-Ins, Collecting Prismatic Cores Can Be Tedious
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One of the most anticipated games to arrive on the Xbox One in 2016 is ReCore, an action-adventure shooter game developed by the makers of Metroid Prime and is also being produced by no other than Keiji Inafune himself. Since its debut back in E3 2016, the game has picked up a lot of hype since it will be the first action-adventure exclusive to arrive on the platform. Inspired by games like Metroid, ReCore is looking to be a promising title offering fans of the action-adventure genre a somewhat unique adventure in a Utopian planet in search for life. After spending many hours with the game, ReCore indeed lives up to the hype, though the technical problems may be a hindrance to a what you may call an enjoyable experience.

ReCore follows the story of Joule Adams as one of the last remaining humans as she search for signs of life in a planet called Far Eden. Accompanied by Mack, a robot who will act as her sidekick, Joule must traverse through the barren sandy planet as she uncovers the secret of Far Eden. Using the clues of what her father has left for her, Joule must figure it out all by herself as she is the last remaining hope of humanity to find a habitable planet. In the ten hour-adventure that the game offers, Joule will meet several robots that will join her and will add flair to the exciting story that the game offers. As usual, the game starts off slow but it picks up as you play about three to four hours into the game.

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Game progression in ReCore relies on the Prismatic Cores that Joule gets in the game. Without spoiling much of the story, the Prismatic Core is a special core that can be found throughout Far Eden. In the game, it acts like as an energy core that gives life to machines and fortunately, Joule will have to get a lot of those in order to progress through the game and yes, it gets tiring if that’s what you’re doing for about ten hours. The first few dungeons, the amount of Prismatic Cores that Joule can get is about 1-2 but it increases later on. Fortunately, there are ways to get more and that’s doing side-quests and exploring the outreaches of Far Eden. When you decide to do side-quests, expect to do a lot of platforming segments where you jump, hover, and dash. Luckily, each levels are well-designed and the platforming segments is satisfying.

The world of Far Eden is huge and one of the things you can expect in the game is for it to be open world. With the world being so dynamic, there are a lot of things for Joule to do in Far Eden. After getting through a certain dungeon in the game, Arena Challenges will be unlocked for those who wants to do dungeons and get items that Joules and Mack can use later on. Though before you can get to Arena Dungeons, there will be requirements that need to be met. The things you can do in Arena Dungeons vary; some will require you to get keys and more cores, while others will ask you to clear them in a certain amount of time. There will be secondary objectives that will be available for better rewards and as always, a boss awaits at the end. In addition to dungeons, Far Eden encourages you also to explore the barren planet as there are a lot of hidden areas waiting to be discovered. Sadly, the cycle of getting cores can get tiring and may get repetitive very quickly.

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ReCore (Xbox One/PC) Review, 7.1 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
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