Tales of Xillia 2 Guide – Grade Shop Detailed

Redeem your Grade Shop Points!

Tales of Xillia 2 Guide

Similar to other Tales’ New Game Plus options, Tales of Xillia 2 encourages those who finish the game to replay the game again with added bonuses on their second playthrough.

Upon finishing the game, the Grade Points you have on your first playthrough can be used on the Grade Shop to buy some unlocks for your second playthrough. Those who wish to make things easier on the second playthrough, you can use your hard earned Grade Points to buy things like “Inherit Full Levels” that allows you to carry levels from your clear data to the new game.

If you are planning to play the game for the second time, here are the things you should need to know when it comes to the Grade Shop:

Inherit Titles Automatic
Inherit Battlebook Automatic
Inherit Xillia Glossary Automatic
Inherit Monster Record Automatic
Inherit Item Record Automatic
Inherit Skit List Automatic
Inherit Records Automatic
Inherit Game Play Time Automatic
0 Ludger’s Voice Play Ludger’s voice when you make a selection.
300 Max Item Capacity: 30 Raise the maximum number of each item, weapon, armor, and accessory you can carry to 30.
1000 Max Item Capacity: 99 Raise the maximum number of each item, weapon, armor, and accessory you can carry to 99.
100 Inherit Consumable Items Inherit your consumable items.
200 Inherit Material Items Inherit your material items.
200 Inherit Fashion Items Inherit your costumes, hairstyles, and attachments.
500 Inherit Accessory Items Inherit your accessory items.
500 Inherit Extractor Inherit your extractor.
300 Inherit Special Items Inherit your item sphere, item sphere plus, winged boots, and artes sphere.
1500 Inherit Skill Items Inherit items that teach artes or skills.
400 Inherit Special Arms Inherit Alliance Arms, Devil’s Arms, and weapon abilities.
700 Inherit Special Weapons Inherit your special weapons. (Does not include Alliance Arms or Devil’s Arms.)
300 Double Experience Earn twice the usual experience points in battle.
2000 5x Experience Earn five times the usual experience points in battle.
300 HP +1000 Ally HP will increase by 1000.
300 Double Gald Earn twice the usual amount of gald.
200 Double Item Drops Double the chances of receiving dropped items from enemies.
1500 Unlock Skits Unlock all skits to view in the Library.
300 Double Gauge Growth Double the rate at which your Linked Artes Gauge fills.
500 Maximum AC +1 Increase starting AC by 1.
1000 Maximum AC +2 Increase starting AC by 2.
100 Inherit Arte Usage Inherit your arte usage tracker.
2000 Inherit Artes and Skills Inherit the artes and skills gained via your extractors.
300 Increase Power Combo Damage Increase your damage dealt from power combo attacks.
200 Increase Power Combo Time Increase the duration of your power combos.
100 Triple Critical Triples the critical rate of friends and foes alike.
100 Double Damage Doubles damage dealt by friends and foes alike.
500 Reduce Arte Cost Halve the TP cost of all artes.
200 Ludger Chromatus (Lv. 2) Grants Ludger a second level Chromatus from the start.
500 Ludger Chromatus (Lv. 3) Grants Ludger a third level Chromatus from the start.
1000 Ludger Chromatus (Max) Grants Ludger a max level Chromatus from the start.
1000 Inherit Affinity Level Inherit Ludger’s affinity level with all characters.
600 Inherit Merit Points (All) Inherit all of your Merit Points from jobs.
300 Inherit Merit Points (Half) Inherit half of your Merit Points from jobs.
1000 Inherit Kitty Dispatch Inherit most of your cats and their dispatch data. (Does not inherit item collection status.)

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