The Elder Scrolls Online Guide: Fungal Grotto Dungeon Overview

The Elder Scrolls Online Fungal Grotto 01

The very first dungeon that you most likely will tackle in The Elder Scrolls Online is the Fungal Grotto. Available immediately at level 12, players who are looking to see what kind of challenges await when it comes to the dungeons will experience it here in the Fungal Grotto.

Recommended Level: 14


The Elder Scrolls Online Fungal Grotto 02

Story Quest: Upon entering the grotto, speak to Vila Theran and she will tell you that a Dreughs King is lurking somewhere inside the grotto. Since the king is preventing them from exploring the grotto, Vila will ask you to slay the king down, that way they can further explore the mystery of the grotto.

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Your objective in Fungal Grotto is simple – that is to slay down the Dreughs King. But first, getting to the end of the grotto will be a tough one as the first part of mobs that you will encounter are the Murkwater Butchers.

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After clearing two mobs of Murkwater Butchers, you will come across a wide area where you will fight a mini boss called Tazkad the Packmaster. This dinosaur looking mini-boss is a push over, as long as the tank holds the aggro of the boss while DPS makes sure the adds around him are dead before focusing on Tazkad.

The Elder Scrolls Online Fungal Grotto 05

Midway through the dungeon, you will get to fight a somewhat tough mini-boss, the War Chief Ozozai. The mini boss goblin will have his two underlings that will jump onto the group as soon as the fight starts. Have the tank immediately contain the aggro of the boss, while the DPS makes sure that the two of his underlings goes down.

The Elder Scrolls Online Fungal Grotto 06

The healer in the group should be aware of everyone’s HP as Ozozai has a tendency to deal a massive amount of damage when you get to his AOE circle. The best strategy for this boss is kiting it. Have the Ozozai walk around the battlefield while the Tank is holding its aggro.

When Ozozai’s HP drops down, he will start leeching health from random member of the group. Have the healer immediately heal them.

Once the goblin leader is down, take its head to where he’s standing from earlier and you will see bunch of friendly goblins popping around. Now, proceed to the next area.

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