Walmart Website Is Offering Xbox One Plus Free Game Bundle for $499

Walmart Website Is Offering Xbox One Plus Free Game Bundle for $499

Xbox One

With the Xbox One being such a new console on the market, which is having no problems with its sales right now, there have been few sales anywhere associated with the Microsoft console itself. However, Walmart is offering a sale right now on their website that may entice some of you that don’t have the system to finally bite and get one.

An Xbox One console currently retails for $499 with no games included, but Walmart is sweetening the pot by throwing in a free game from a list of four titles that were available at the launch of the system. These four games are Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4, Madden NFL 25, and NBA 2K14.

Sometimes the hesitancy when buying a console is that you don’t have extra money beyond the console to where you can get a game with it to enjoy upon buying it, making the purchase useless for now. With this deal, you get one of those games thrown in at the price of $499, which will only get you the system by itself elsewhere.

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  • Tom

    thanks for the info. I work to game

    I was looking to buy an Xbox One on launch, waited to long to reserve. So I just Bought this Walmart Offer, I’m glad I waited almost bit on The Game Stop’s 740 dollar 3 game bundle last week, This is so much better, probally the best offer yet. Im glad it is a major retailer too.

    I’m happy I get to play Titan Fall on launch, and Gamefly sent me battlefield 4 last week.

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