Toukiden Guide – the Bosses and their Weaknesses

Toukiden Guide – the Bosses and their Weaknesses

Toukiden - Manhunter

Just like in Monster Hunter games, the bosses in the hit Toukiden: The Age of Demons has a plethora of big bosses that you have to take down. With every boss that you will encounter in the game, they have their own weaknesses that you can take advantage of to easily win and take the prized loot that they’ve been holding.

In Toukiden, there are a total of thirteen original bosses that you will be fighting constantly throughout the game – though each of them has an alternate version where their weaknesses will change. Below are the bosses that you will encounter in the game and their elemental weaknesses.

Since there are a lot of weapons in the game that gives specific boost in elemental damage, it’s best for you to equip a weapon where the boss has a weakness to.


Toukiden- Manhunter V2


Toukiden- Bloodhunter V2


Toukiden- WindShredder V2


Toukiden- Skyshredder V2


Toukiden- Jollux V2


Toukiden- Edax V2


Toukiden-  Pyropteryx V2


Elemental Weakness: Earth


Toukiden- Terragrinder V2


Toukiden- PyroGrinder


Toukiden- Harrowhalf V2


Toukiden- Dreadhalf V2

Viper Queen

Toukiden- Viper Queen V2

Viper Queen 2 (Kagachime)

Elemental Weakness: Earth

Blade Wing

Toukiden- Blade Wing V2

Blade Wing 2 (Inkarura)

Elemental Weakness: Earth

Chthonian Fiend

Toukiden- Chthonian Fiend V2

Chthonian Fiend 2 (Daitenma)

Elemental Weakness: Earth

Hell’s Warden

Toukiden- Hells Warden V2

Hell’s Sentinel

Elemental Weakness: Sky


Toukiden- Night Blade V2

Nightblade 2 (Yomitosae)

Elemental Weakness: Water

Cimmerian King

Toukiden- Cimmerian King V2

Cimmerian King 2 (Tokoyonookimi)

Elemental Weakness: Earth or Water

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