Titanfall Will Receive SmartGlass Features Post-Launch

Titanfall Will Receive SmartGlass Features Post-Launch


Titanfall is set for release in a little over a month from now on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. However, the official Titanfall Twitter page is already teasing about a feature that the game will be receiving after the initial launch date.

Earlier today, the Titanfall Twitter page was answering multiple questions that gamers had, including some that we already knew. These included the fact that there will be no Kinect support or splitscreen for the game. The big information that they revealed was that there will be some sort of integration with SmartGlass at some point after launch for the Xbox versions.

Titanfall will support Smart Glass. We will have more details on this in the future.

It was also confirmed that the game would offer French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Japanese voice overs, as well as Brazilian, Korean and Traditional Chinese subtitles. Titanfall will launch on the aforementioned platforms on March 11.

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