Gamestop Is Now Offering Xbox One Layaway Program

Xbox One

Gamestop has recently announced that they are now offering a new plan for those that may be interested in picking up an Xbox One console in the near future. This is done through their brand new Xbox One Layaway Program.

The program allows you to gradually deposit money towards an Xbox One until you pay it off. This is a good way to add money over time when you have it, so you may not be tempted to spend it elsewhere in the meantime until you have enough.

-A $25 minimum deposit is required to start a layaway contract. There are no fees or penalties associated with the layaway reservation or purchase.
-All layaway payments and product pickup must be made at the store where the original layaway deposit was made.
-A refund on a layaway deposit will be granted at anytime by returning to the store where the original deposit was made.
-Customers are not required to make scheduled payments
-Due to legal restrictions, layaway is not available in District of Columbia or Maryland.
-Trade in games, hardware, accessories, and consumer electronics to add to your deposit.

The interesting part of this news is that Gamestop is not offering a PlayStation 4 layaway program, but that is likely due to the fact that Xbox One consoles are pretty readily available while PlayStation 4 systems are still difficult to acquire.

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