Super Smash Bros. Shows Off Luma Shot In Latest Daily Image

15th anniversary of the series

Super Smash Bros.

Today is officially the 15th anniversary of the Super Smash Bros. series as the first game launched for Nintendo 64 in Japan on this date in 1999. Many expected this to mean we would receive a major update from Masahiro Sakurai today, but sadly we only got a new daily image showcasing a way that Rosalina will use Luma in battle.

Pic of the day. This is the Luma Shot, which highlights the different ways to control your Luma. You can switch between controlling the Luma alongside Rosalina or away from her.

While this was a disappointing update considering the anniversary, at least we do know now how you can switch between having Luma up close and away from Rosalina.

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