Lego Marvel Super Heroes (PS4) Review

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Lego games have always been popular since they started with the Star Wars series. The main reason the Lego gams have done so well is because they’re all based on popular franchises. As of late, the Lego games have implemented voices and branched out to include somewhat of a sandbox element within them. Lego Marvel Super Heroes looks to take us on a grand adventure to live up to if not surpass the bar set by Lego Batman 2. The PlayStation 4 version looks to go above and beyond the previous released current-gen version which was met with great reception. Can it surpass that or has it run out of blocks to build with?

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes nails that Marvel feel, whether it’s pulling straight from the comics or making direct references to the 2012 Avengers movie — early on, the movie’s ending shawarma scene is brought up in a joking manner. One of the most obvious reasons for the spot on Marvel vibe is the massive roster of superheroes. You’ll see familiar faces rise up from noticeable groups such as the X-Men, Avengers, Fantastic Four and more. You’ll even be able to transform the Hulk into Bruce Banner (and vice versa) at whim, presenting a mechanic that is new to this installment. Let’s not forget the characters that don’t get the spotlight too often, as they help round out the impressive roster. Those who haven’t spent a good portion of their time following everything Marvel may be introduced to the lesser known, non-big screen superheroes; such as Rocket Raccoon, Beetle and Howard the Duck. It’s the extra thought by TT in creating a well-rounded cast that helps bring together lifelong fans and newcomers alike. Regardless of your superhero/superpower preference, LEGO Marvel is sure to have you covered.


Each main story mission is broken up into fifteen or so missions by great cutscenes that weave the universe into the game from the snappy dialogue, characters one liners that you come to expect from the likes of Tony Stark and Spider-Man or just interesting background action that you can’t help but playfully laugh at, there is something to enjoy within the story for everyone but the true Marvel fans will gain the most out of it all. Also between each mission, you are able to traverse New York City and the S.H.I.E.L.D helicarrier which adds some depth to the game and fun for looking around and destroying things for studs.

These famous comic book stars would be nothing without their signature personalities. Fortunately, Traveller’s Tales gathered up some solid voice talent to represent these miniature power-enhanced saviors (and villains). Tony Stark and Spider-Man spit out their usual comedic and cocky quips whenever they appear on-screen. Even the Hulk gets his guttural lines in while smashing everything in sight. These one-liners, while entertaining at first, are far too frequent, however. Cheesy one-liners are commonplace and, furthermore, expected when it comes to Marvel’s quirky, action-packed presentation, but hearing the same dialogue over and over wears thin quickly. It’s a good thing the story hits all the high notes you’d expect from a Marvel narrative. There’s action, there’s comedy and there’s more action. In typical Marvel fashion, Dr. Doom has taken interest in the remnants of Silver Surfer’s board, which has been broken up into cosmic bricks, so that he may create the Doom Ray of Doom. As you’d expect, a plethora of suited heroes flow in and out of this doomsday weapon-prevention tale on cue, giving the player a wide variety of powers to try out before they have to go out of their way to unlock more of the roster.

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Lego Marvel Super Heroes (PS4) Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 39 ratings
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