Xbox One should always be sitting horizontally

xbox one hard drive

We told you back in August that Microsoft warned against standing your Xbox One vertically, not because of cooling issues but due to the different type of disc drive used in the system. Now that I’ve gotten my hands on the console, I thought I would repeat that message once again.

Oddly enough, the Xbox One seemed more sturdy vertically than its predecessor, the Xbox 360, from my personal tests, but that does not meant you should do it. It may be tempting to do so to save space, but it is not worth it to chance ruining your system or discs. Microsoft specifically says that doing so is “at your own risk.”

There is a reason that there are no official Xbox One vertical stands available, like there was for the Xbox 360. If you truly need the space, stand something else vertically that is able to and leave your Xbox One horizontally, so you don’t ruin your brand new console before you get much use out of it. Once again, do not have your Xbox One standing upright!

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