PayDay 2 Armored Transport DLC Trailer


Overkill Software has just released a new teaser trailer for the upcoming DLC for PayDay 2, titled “Armored Transport”.

PayDay 2 is a fast-paced, first person shooter that allows players to take the role of one of the four criminal masterminds, Dallas, Wolf, Chains and Hoxton in Washington D.C. Players perform high stake heist to seize large quantities of loot from various target locations. From banks to meth labs, each mission is different and players must find the best way to bag the most amount of loot. Experience and cash is gained at the end of a mission that can be used to upgrade characters skills, customize masks and weapons.

The Armored Transport DLC is the first DLC pack for the game, and will added new missions that will allow players to rob, who would have guessed it, armored vehicles. A nice feature of this pack is that only the host is required to buy the pack, in order for others to with them. The DLC pack will be available for PC on November 14 on Steam. More information can be found on their website here.

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