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Battlefield 4

A big portion of this review appeared in our PS3 version review of Battlefield 4.

Battlefield 4 was one of the games many shooter fans had eagerly waited ever since it was first announced. When the game was released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, many decided to wait and hold off their purchase as they would like to experience the game on the PS4 or the Xbox One. Now that the next-gen consoles are here, starting with the PlayStation 4, many are just wondering if the realism the game has been trying to show has improved. All I gotta say is, expect to be mind-blown as not only does the game improve from its previous entry, it’s also one of the best looking shooter games to date.

When the last entry of the Battlefield series was released, talk sprung up of how it might overthrow the Call of Duty series as the top first person shooter. Battlefield 3 came close, but still it wasn’t quite the dominating victory some had predicted. DICE have upped the ante by adding a number of new innovative ways to alter the course of a battle, none of which have ever been close to being executed in such stylish and polished perfection.

Let’s start off with something that splits gamers when it comes to similar titles: the campaign. Some miss them altogether; others finish them first before waging war online. It may be relatively short clocking in at around the 6 hour mark, but Battlefield 4’s campaign is full of entertainment that shouldn’t be missed. Learning from some mistakes from previous Battlefield titles, the plot is certainly an area of improvement, but other pitfalls haven’t been rectified. In a game where the multiplayer section is all about large battles, the single player can’t help but feel like a long linear corridor in comparison. If you can look past this and just take the experience as it comes, it is thoroughly enjoyable. However, those expecting something more similar to the multiplayer in terms of scale will be disappointed.

The controls are second nature to any first person shooter player when using the wide array of weaponry and vehicles. It is a shame to say that the controls for the air units are less deserving of praise. Once mastered, a pilot can destroy countless enemies with ease. The journey to becoming an ace pilot is filled with numerous crashes though. In its defense, no game has ever really managed to master both effective and easy-to-use controls for aircrafts, meaning Battlefield 4 fails in the same ways as its competition. Containing the same flaws doesn’t raise the bar, but at least it doesn’t try to be revolutionary and fail to get off the ground completely.


The maps have all been thoughtfully designed with distinctive differences and unique themes which set the mood for each location. None are too different so that they stand out for being too exaggerated, but they are all memorable. The best by far, being a fan of James Bond, is the Rogue Transmission map with its huge satellite dish, akin to that seen in Goldeneye. As with all the maps, it is well balanced and allows players to enjoy their own play style, be it long range sniping or close quarter shoot outs. Some maps are designed to suit one play style, but this is mostly to add variety rather than to stop gamers from doing as they wish. The way matches unfold also drastically affect which classes are most important with no two matches every being a carbon copy of the last. In one match, a sniper could be keeping players from capturing a location yet in the next game the sniper may not even make it to his, or her, favorite spot.

The difference when it comes to the visuals between the PS3 and PS4 version are very noticeable. For those who are looking to experience the conclusive version of Battlefield 4, it’s definitely a must that PS3 gamers should play this game on the PS4, especially with the $10 upgrade offer in place. One thing that is noticeable right away the moment you play the game is how sharper the graphics have become. From the dull terrains of the environments on the PS3 version, the added power packed of the PS4 console allows the game to process more effects and added textures to make better for everyone. Instead of seeing an area that looks like a barren land that looks dull on the PS3 version, what you will see in the PS4 version is more detailed environments full of plant life and more.

One of the things that separates Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 are the dynamic environments that you see in both campaign and multiplayer. If what you see on the PS3 version astounded you, the PS4 version will not only astound you but it will also give you more thrills. Despite the campaign being short, what you will experience in the game is probably the most climactic and engaging single-player mode. Almost every mission that you do will keep you at the edge of your seat. The explosions, the water current, and the smoke that comes out from a burning Navy ships depicts realism- all thanks to the added power of the next-gen consoles.

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Battlefield 4 (PS4) Review, 8.7 out of 10 based on 26 ratings
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