Public Transport System Confirmed For Star Citizen


Star Citizen has had another colossal boost in funding reaching the $24 million mark earlier today.

The $24 million mark has most likely been surpassed as a result of the recently unveiled redesigned Hornet and the accompanying sale of Hornet upgrades. Hitting the $24 million goal means that a public transportation system will be included in the game. This includes a monorail on Terra, “star liners, long range transports, charter ships and flyable shuttles”.

As it has become customary to reveal up to the next two stretch goals, Cloud Imperium Games has announced the $26 million reward, an enhanced capital ship system. This means that the current capital ship functions will be expanded upon; adding in damage control teams, more useable consoles for navigation and more. Next to be unlocked is the $25 million goal adding more playable slots, as well as better servers, to the Alpha. At the current rate of pledges this will soon be another smashed stretch goal in Star Citizen’s wake.

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Oliver East

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