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One of the features Pokemon fans will find in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are the Mega Evolutions of a certain Pokemon.

Certain Pokemon in Kalos Region can turn into their mega evolved form when they are holding a certain Mega Evolution stone. Think of them as Eevee where if given a Fire Stone, it will evolve into Flareon, though in Mega Evolutions, they are temporary and will only apply in battle. Through the vast list of Pokemon that players will find in Kalos, several of them will have an opportunity to “mega-evolve” where their abilities, appearance, or even move sets will be different than their regular evolved form.

To let a certain Pokemon evolve into their mega evolution form, have them hold a certain stone and when in battle, simply choose the Transform option and they will evolve temporarily. This can be done after the third gym when you receive the Mega Ring.

Below are the list of Pokemon that can turn into their mega evolved form and the stones needed. The stones can be found throughout Kalos and can be traded with friends through locally, or the internet.

Mega Evolution Stones and the Pokemon

- Abomasnow
Abomasite Stone

- Absol
Absolite Stone

- Aerodactyl
Aerodactylite Stone

- Aggron
Aggronite Stone

- Alakazam
Alakazite Stone

- Ampharos
Ampharosite Stone

- Banette
Banettite Stone

- Blastoise
Blastoisinite Stone

- Blaziken
Blazekinite Stone

- Charizard
Charizardite X Stone (Pokemon X Only)
Charizardite Y Stone (Pokemon Y Only)

- Garchomp
Garchompite Stone

- Gardevoir
Gardevoirite Stone

- Gengar
Gengarite Stone

- Gyarados
Gyaradosite Stone

- Heracross
Heracrossite Stone

- Kangaskhan
Kangaskhan Stone

- Lucario
Lucarionite Stone

- Manectric
Manectite Stone

- Mawile
Mawilite Stone

- Medicham
Medichamite Stone

- Mewtwo
Mewtwonite X Stone (Pokemon X Only)
Mewtwonite Y Stone (Pokemon Y Only)

- Pinsir
Pinsirite Stone

- Scizor
Scizorite Stone

- Tyranitar
Tyranitarite Stone

- Venusaur
Venusaurite Stone

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