Pokemon X & Pokemon Y Guide – Laverre City Gym (Leader Valerie)

Sixth gym in the game features the new Fairy type

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Laverre Gym 1

The sixth gym leader that you will get to fight in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y is located in Laverre City. This gym is one that you knew had to be coming at some point, the Fairy gym, with that being the new type introduced this generation. Fairy types are a little difficult to prepare for due to the dual types found in the gym. Steel and Poison types are the best matchups against just Fairy types, but Poison does not work at all against Steel while Steel gives you 1/2 damage against Steel. This is a problem with the few Steel/Fairy dual type Pokemon in the gym.

This gym brings back some memories of the Saffron City gym from the original Pokemon Red and Blue with the use of transporting panels between a series of rooms throughout the gym. It’s not overly difficult to figure out as the path I took my first time took me directly to the gym leader Valerie, but I’ll give you a quick rundown of where to go.

In the first room take the yellow panel in the back right of the room. Then take the back left panel to reach your first trainer battle. After the battle, take the front left yellow transporter to reach your next trainer battle. Now take the bottom left yellow panel to bring you to your third trainer. Then take the bottom right transporter to reach your last non-gym trainer. Now all you have to do is take the only other panel in the back left corner of the room and you will reach the Gym Leader.

Below are the list of Trainers that players will get to meet and their Pokemon:

Furisode Girl Kali

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Laverre Gym 3
Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Laverre Gym 2
Dedenne – Lvl 38 (Electric/Fairy)
Azumarill – Lvl 38 (Water/Fairy)
Money Received: 2,736

Furisode Girl Linnea

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Laverre Gym 5
Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Laverre Gym 4
Aromatisse – Lvl 40 (Fairy)
Money Received: 2,880

Furisode Girl Blossom

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Laverre Gym 7
Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Laverre Gym 6
Klefki – Lvl 37 (Steel/Fairy)
Kirlia – Lvl 37 (Psychic/Fairy)
Granbull – Lvl 37(Fairy)
Money Received: 2,664

Furisode Girl Katherine

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Laverre Gym 9
Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Laverre Gym 8
Slurpuff – Lvl 40 (Fairy)
Money Received: 2,880

Gym Leader: Valerie

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Laverre Gym 11
Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Laverre Gym 10
Mawile – Lvl 38 (Steel/Fairy)
*Your best bet in this matchup is definitely a Fire type, as long as it’s not a dual Fire/Fighting type like Blaziken as Fairy hurts Fighting types easily. Fire will be super effective as a result of the Steel type on Mawile.
– Iron Defense
– Crunch

Mr. Mime – Lvl 39 (Psychic/Fairy)
*This matchup is best handled with a Steel type as it will be super effective against Mr. Mime while taking 1/2 damage from both Fairy and Psychic attacks. Poison can also be efficient as it is super effective and gets 1/2 damage from Fairy attacks, which is all that I saw Mr. Mime use, but he could also have a Psychic attack that he never showed off in my battle.
– Light Screen
– Dazzling Gleam

Sylveon – Lvl 42 (Fairy)
*While this Pokemon is the highest level, it has the easiest overall matchup as long as you have a Poison or Steel type Pokemon. The fact that Sylveon is a strictly Fairy means that both will be super effective against this Pokemon, while both will only receive 1/2 damage from Dazzling Gleam. Swift is a normal type move, which is also weak against Steel types, but will do normal damage against Poison.
– Dazzling Gleam
– Swift

Rewards: Fairy Badge, 6,720 (Money), TM99 Dazzling Gleam

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  1. Austin
    December 15, 2013, 8:38 PM

    Her Mr. Mime Does know Phsycic…

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  2. Lacy
    August 13, 2014, 1:44 AM

    I used lucario cause bone rush is effective on mawile it can learn poison jab or steel type move and its fighting/steel type keep fairy type moves from being super effective

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