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For gamers who don’t have friends to trade Pokemon with, there’s an opportunity in-game that allows them to do this and that’s by trading virtually within the game.

Throughout the Kalos region, players will find random people that they can trade with. The process is fairly simple; have the Pokemon they request and they will give you what they have. There are several people that players will meet along the way. It’s important for everyone to visit every room in town or talk to the people to make sure they don’t miss any possible in-game trades.

Below is the list of possible in-game trades that can be done in both Pokemon X and Pokemon Y:


Location: Santalune City
– Find the trainer southwest of the Trainer school. Speak to the Hiker who wants to trade his Farfetch’d for your ‘Bunnelby’.


Location: Snowbelle City
– Go to the house west of the Northern bridge. Talk to the girl that wants to trade her Bisharp for your ‘Jigglypuff’.


Location: Lumiose City
– After defeating the Elite Four, go back to the Cafe in Southern Boulevard and talk to Diantha. She will trade her Ralts for any of your Pokemon.


Location: Cyllage City
– Inside the Pokemon Center, find the trainer that will trade his Steelix for your ‘Luvdisc’.


Location: Random Hotel
– Find the hiker at a certain hotel. The Hiker will trade his Magikarp for your ‘Gyarados’.


Location: Random Hotel
– Just like for Magikarp, you will find a trainer at a random hotel that will trade her Eevee for any of your Pokemon in your party.

Chespin, Fennekin or Froakie

Location: Vaniville Town
– After defeating the Elite Four, go back to Vaniville Town and talk to Shauna outside of your house. Depending of what Pokemon you chose as your starter, you will one of the three starters.

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