Pokemon X & Pokemon Y Guide – Elite Four Wikstrom

Pokemon X & Pokemon Y Guide – Elite Four Wikstrom

Pokemon X and Y Elite Four Wikstrom 1

As with every mainline Pokemon title, you will next tackle the Elite Four in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y after making it through Victory Road.

This time around you will be able to choose the order in which you fight the Elite Four. After introductions, you will be in a hallway with four doors you can enter, two on each side. For the purposes of this specific guide, we will be going into the back left door to faceoff against Wikstrom of the Elite Four.

Below is Wikstrom and his Steel type Pokemon:

Elite Four: Wikstrom

Pokemon X and Y Elite Four Wikstrom 3
Pokemon X and Y Elite Four Wikstrom 2

Klefki – Lvl 63 (Steel/Fairy)
*You are limited in your options in this matchup if you want the best type advantage. Use either Fire or Ground moves while avoiding Dragon or Poison as they won’t do any damage at all.
– Spikes
– Torment
– Dazzling Gleam

Aegislash – Lvl 65 (Steel/Ghost)
*The two types you want to pick between are the exact same as above with Fire and Ground type Pokemon. Normal, Fighting, and Steel will be completely useless as Aegislash will be resistant to all three.
– Shadow Claw
– Iron Head

Probopass – Lvl 63 (Rock/Steel)
*This matchup is probably the most difficult overall matchup of Wikstrom’s Pokemon as there is only one type that will be Super Effective against Probopass, Water. And if you look at the moves, you know that Probopass will use Discharge, which is very strong against a Water type. Your best best is another type Pokemon that learned Water types, but if you have a strong Water type Pokemon, you should be able to take down Probopass before he can handle you.
– Earth Pass
– Discharge
– Flash Cannon

Scizor – Lvl 63 (Bug/Steel)
*You will definitely want to use a Fire type in this matchup due to it’s effectiveness against both Bug and Steel type. This is the absolutely only matchup that will be super effective.
– Night Slash

Reward: 13,000 (Money)

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  • Servé

    Against probopass, fighting is also super effective.

    GD Star Rating
  • Proles

    ground is also super effective

    GD Star Rating
  • Luna

    I used Mega-Lucario against Probopass. Super Effective, only study stopped me from One hitting him, but it means he used all his Full Restores and a few moves later Aura Sphere knocked him out. Probopass’ Earth Power was super effective against Lucario, but he was already 77 so he was able to endure the hits

    GD Star Rating