Terraria 1.2 Update for PC

New content for Terraria

TerrariaRe-Logic has confirmed the release date for the highly anticipated update for their hit title Terraria.

Scheduled for the 1st of October, the update will include new content such as ice-biomes and frost hydras. The video below show a sneak peak at what gamers can expect from the update. Terraria is a 2D platformer, adventure game similar to the likes of Minecraft. Players can construct vast buildings and battle against a variety of foes – now across even more biomes.

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  1. Asteria
    September 16, 2013, 4:29 PM

    We’ve been waiting so long for the game that started it all for us. When Redigit stopped doing updates on Terraria, we built our own game over at playasteria.com. We’re glad that he’s back in the game!

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