SWTOR Game Update 2.4 confirmed for this Tuesday

SWTOR Game Update 2.4 confirmed for this Tuesday

Dread War SWTOR Game Update 2.4

On Tuesday, October 1st, BioWare’s hit SWTOR will receive its next game update where players can expect a lot of new content to both of the PvE and PvP communities.

Compared to the past game updates released since the debut of Rise of the Hutt Cartel several months ago, SWTOR Game Update 2.4 is the biggest content patch to hit the game. Players can expect a new planet called Oricon where a new story that revolves around the Dread Masters await. In addition, two new operations will be included in the patch where players will finally be able to close the chapter in regards to the Dread Masters plaguing the galaxy.

Those who are not fond of the PvE content, and prefer PvP, fans will be pleased to hear that Game Update 2.4 will finally bring in a lot of new content for the community. A new warzone called Arenas will finally be implemented where players can fight each other in a specialized theme arena like in Makeb and Tatooine. As always, expect a new type of gear to grind in this coming update.

SWTOR Game Update 2.4: The Dread War is currently scheduled for release this October 1st. Before the update gets released, players should expect a four hour maintenance.

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