Killzone: Mercenary (PS Vita) Review

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Good: Blockbuster Presentation, An Interesting and Unpredictable Storyline, A Different Kind of Killzone Game, Smooth PS Vita Controls, Pretty Smart A.I.
Bad: Latter Part of the Game Gets Hard, Is Multiplayer Going to Last?, Very Short Campaign
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The PS Vita has struggled to find its own blockbuster exclusive for many months now. After the flop that was Call of Duty: Declassified, many people feared the console was incapable of producing a quality FPS title. Even Sony’s own Resistance: Retribution failed to show the full potential of the PS Vita’s power as well.

When Killzone: Mercenary was announced, many people got excited because it appeared to be the one game that would make the PS Vita relevant again. Not to mention screenshots showed that the game was more than capable of producing PS3-like quality visuals. With the game now out, does Killzone Mercenary live up to the hype?

Find out as we take a look at the HOTs and NOTs for our review of Killzone: Mercenary.


Blockbuster Presentation
When it comes to some handheld versions of well-known console video games, the portable versions are usually rushed and feel “cheap”. One has to only play Call of Duty: Declassified to know that it was a “cash-in” title and lacked the features of the main games in the franchise.

Thankfully, you won’t witness any corners being cut while playing Killzone: Mercenary. The game feels and plays like any of the other Killzone games I’ve played on the PS3. The graphics are simply excellent and you’ll be hard pressed to notice the difference between this game and the Killzone games that were released on the PS3. Not to mention the game itself has lots of action and explosions like a FPS style of game should have. Even while playing the game when lots of enemies were on the screen, the action was smooth throughout and I rarely experienced any lag or drops in framerate. A remarkable achievement considering the preview I played just months before was riddled with lag and framerate issues.

An Interesting and Unpredictable Storyline
I was actually surprised how invested I got into the story of this game. When the game started, I thought it would have featured an uninteresting and predictable storyline with bland characters. Boy, was my assumption for the game very wrong. The best thing I liked Arran Danner (the main character) is that he’s a mercenary but he’s also mute. All he’s there for is to earn money and he doesn’t care if it’s an assignment from the ISA or the Helghast. This made the story exciting and unpredictable because you never knew who he was loyal to. Even some of the characters that you meet also have hidden agendas as well…


A Different Kind of Killzone Game
The best part about Killzone: Mercenary is that it has its own flavor and is not just a “port” of the PS3 versions. This is because the game introduces many gameplay modes that are unique to this game and make the experience more fun than ever before.

The biggest addition is a new loadout system that has been included where an arms dealer named “Blackjack” has crates scattered throughout each of the levels. These loadouts become very helpful because you can use them to buy ammo, weapons, armor, grenades and also unique gadgets called “VAN-guards”. The VAN-guard gadgets are fun because they allow you to control drones that vary in usefulness. There’s a drone that electrocutes enemies while one of my favorites is the one that is a heat seeking missile launcher. In order to earn enough money for these upgrades, you earn them by killing enemies, scrounging for ammo and completing missions.

Another great thing about the loadouts is that they are pretty much everywhere. If you need a more powerful weapon to tackle some of the boss fights near the end of the game, you can be sure to see a crate conveniently located there to make your job easier.

Smooth PS Vita Controls
One of the things I like most about the Killzone games is that they are the only few FPS games out there that has some sort of a cover system. The level design is excellent because there is always some place for you to hide if you find yourself being surrounded. Not to mention the gameplay is smooth throughout and the collision detection is accurate too. There was rarely a moment where my bullets didn’t kill my enemies.

Unique to Killzone: Mercenary is the PS Vita’s unique controls. Melee attacks are smooth and very satisfying because all you need to do to initiate them is by pressing the triangle button, and then swiping on the touch screen to finish your enemy off. If you swipe in the wrong direction, the enemy will kick you off. Needless to say, the melee attacks are brutishly enjoyable to do and are humorous to watch sometimes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a FPS game before that allows you to stab an enemy below the belt…

The other unique feature for this game is that you can use the PS Vita’s gyroscope to aim down the sights of your gun. You will need to do this at home because I doubt you could move around the PS Vita much if you’re playing the game on a train or bus. It’s a neat gimmick that works really well and is a great alternative to a Move controller.

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Killzone: Mercenary (PS Vita) Review, 9.1 out of 10 based on 105 ratings
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  • Mr. X

    You complained about the lack of players online. Remember, you reviewed this game before it even hit store shelves in half of the world. Of course the player base is going to be light! Everybody loved the beta, so it’s fair to say that the multiplayer will catch on.

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  • Danny

    That’s what l’m talkin about;Go vita!!

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