Final Fantasy XIV Guide – Acquiring the Relic Weapons

From "A Relic Reborn" Quest

From "A Relic Reborn" Quest

Final Fantasy XIV Guide - Relic Weapons Featured

Relic Weapons in Final Fantasy XIV are considered to be the most powerful weapons that everyone can get in the game. Those who have finished the main story can start their journey in obtaining these weapons. However, the process in acquiring them is not an easy task as patience and perseverance are needed.

Each of the jobs in Final Fantasy XIV have an exclusive relic weapon that they can get right after finishing the main scenario. Since players have an ability to switch jobs at any time they wish, it’s entirely possible for one character to obtain alll nine Relic Weapons.

Available Relic Weapons

White Mage

The Veil of Wiyu

Black Mage
Stardust Rod



Holy Shield


Artemis Bow

A Relic Reborn Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XIV Guide - Relic Weapon 02

1. Players must complete the Main Scenario Quest, including Class and Job quests for the weapon they want to get.

Final Fantasy XIV Guide - Relic Weapon 01

2. Talk to ‘Nedrick Ironheart’ in Vesper Bay and he will give you the quest ‘A Relic Reborn’

Final Fantasy XIV Guide - Relic Weapon 03

3. Talk to ‘Rowena’ in Revenant’s Toll

Final Fantasy XIV - Relic Weapon 04

4. Talk to ‘Gerolt’ in Hyrstmill (Located Northwest of Fallgourd Float)

Final Fantasy XIV Guide - Relic Weapon 05

5. When you talk to Gerolt, he will ask you to find your respective ‘Broken Weapon’. These are the places where you can get your ‘Broken Weapon’.

– Natalan (Bard, Dragoon)
– Sylphlands (Summoner)
– U’Ghamaro Mines (Black Mage, Warrior, and White Mage)
– Zaha’rak (Monk, Paladin)
– Sapsa Spawning Ground (Scholar)


6. Once you get your weapon, present it to Gerolt. He will then give you a new task where he will ask you to meld two Grade III Materia on a new weapon. You can buy the Materia at the Market, while the weapon you have to get can be crafted or be bought.

– Bard: Longarm’s Composite Bow w/ 2 Heaven’s Eye Materia III
– Black Mage: Sanguine Scepter w/ 2 Savage Might Materia III
– Dragoon: Champion’s Lance w/ 2 Savage Aim Materia III
– Monk: Wilding Cesti w/ 2 Savage Aim Materia III
– Paladin: Aeolian Scimitar w/ 2 Battledance Materia III
– Summoner: Erudite’s Picatrix of Casting w/ 2 Savage Might Materia III
– Warrior: Barbarian’s Bardiche w/ 2 Battledance Materia III
– White Mage: Madman’s Whispering Rod w/ 2 Quicktongue Materia III

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