SWTOR Guide – How to get your very own Tauntaun mount

SWTOR Guide – How to get your very own Tauntaun mount

SWTOR Tauntaun

One of the nice additions that BioWare implemented in SWTOR Game Update 2.3 is the ability to get a Tauntaun and use it as a mount as you travel across the galaxy.

For quite some time, players of SWTOR have been asking for the Tauntaun mount and now that it’s here, just how do we get this cute animal? Well, those who are hoping they can just buy their way into the game and use cash to get Tauntaun, they will be disappointed as the Tauntaun mount can only be obtained in-game in two ways:

1. Collect an item [Tauntaun Domestication Data] that you can exchange for a Tauntaun mount


2. Spend 1.5 million credits (for subscriber only) or 2 million credits for a specially designed Tauntaun.

SWTOR Tauntaun Guide

If you have the credits, you can get them for only one character. Unfortunately, getting a Tauntaun is not part of the collection, therefore you cannot buy an unlock for every single toon you have in your account. Assuming you have the credits, simply go to Hoth and before you leave the base (Republic), find the Tauntaun sellers hanging out with their animals.

Getting a Tauntaun the Hard Way

Okay, so you don’t have the credits but have time to get a Tauntaun the hard way? Good! Now let’s get started.

1. To get started, talk to the Tauntaun Trainer in your respective Hoth base and buy a Tauntaun Lure for 500 credits. It’s best to stock up 99 since it’s more likely that you will use up all of them to get the amount of Domestication Data you need.

SWTOR Tauntaun Guide 4

2. Now get out of the base, and use your Macrobinoculars to pinpoint their exact location. Known location: Icefall Plains (2 nests), Whiterock Wastes (1 nest), Icefall Plains (2 nests)

SWTOR Tauntaun Guide 3

3. Once you pinpointed where the nests are, it’s time to go to them and use the Tauntaun Lure.

SWTOR Tauntaun Guide 2

For every nest that you go to, there are three Taun Fawns that you can feed. Unfortunately, you can only feed them once and they will have a cool down of at least 30 minutes. Luckily, you can switch instances or find other nests to lure the Tauntauns out. Please note that the success rate of getting the Tauntauns to come out is very slim and around 15-20%.

Once you successfully lure a Tauntaun out, a Wampa will try to kill the Tauntaun you just lured. Kill the Wampa and you will get the Tauntaun Domesticated Data. Get fifteen or twenty of these to exchange them for a Tauntaun to the trainer in your base.

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