SWTOR Game Update 2.3 – How to get Treek, the Ewok companion

SWTOR Game Update 2.3 – How to get Treek, the Ewok companion

SWTOR Game Update 2.3 - Ewok

In just a few days, the much awaited SWTOR Game Update 2.3 will finally go live where one of the big additions to the game is the new Ewok companion called Treek.

To prepare everyone for the upcoming update, BioWare released today a handy dandy guide that gives player an idea on how to get the cute companion. As mentioned in our previous article, Ewoks can be purchased both via the Cartel Market, which is the cash-shop of the game, and through credits, although there are some requirements in place. At the time where Ewoks were on PTS, no one knew how much the companion will cost in the Cartel Market, but that changed today as BioWare finally released the price.

The first step to gaining Treek is to purchase the Mercenary Contract from the Cartel Market (2100 Cartel Coins). This is a single-use item which will start a quest. Completing this quest will earn that character Treek. In order to complete the quest, you will need to be at least Level 10 as it takes place on the fleet.

The hefty 2100 is indeed expensive since it’s equivalent to almost $20. However, if you have been a subscriber, you can use the complimentary coins that you’ve been stacking up. There’s another option though if you don’t have that money to spend on the Ewok:

The Mercenary Contract is also available from the astromech Legacy Vendor located in the new Cartel Bazaar area of each faction’s Fleet. This version of the Mercenary Contract requires a Legacy Level of 40 and costs 1 million credits. As above, using the Mercenary Contract will begin a quest and your character must be at least Level 10. Completing the quest will unlock Treek for that character.

Note that both versions of the Mercenary Contract can also be traded on the GTN. The non-Cartel Market version will still require Legacy Level 40 to use, so be sure to check which version you are buying before completing the transaction!

The Mercenary Contract (either version) will enter that character’s Collection when used – both versions unlock the same collection item. Completing the quest granted by the Mercenary Contract will also grant the Treek Legacy Unlock, a prerequisite for the Treek Character Perks.

Having acquired Treek via either method, you may now choose to obtain her for other characters on your account.

Since gaining credits isn’t that hard, I prefer getting the Ewok through in-game means. Those who have been playing for a long time, I’m sure everyone reached past legacy level 40 already and getting Ewok without spending real money is always nice.

As for those who want to unlock Treek across all toons, you can buy the unlock either through in-game credits or as always, the Cartel Coins.

Via Collections:

The Mercenary Contract can be purchased as an account-wide unlock (like any other item) after it has been unlocked by one character on the account (700 Cartel Coins). Doing so will allow any other character on the account to pull down a copy of the Mercenary Contract, which can be used to start the quest as above.

Via Legacy:

Once one character on a Legacy has completed the quest and received the Treek Legacy Unlock, any other character on that legacy can purchase the Treek Character Perk for the appropriate faction, which will instantly grant that character Treek as a Companion without needing to complete the quest again. The Character Perk is purchased with in-game credits (300,000) and requires Legacy Level 40 and Character Level 10.

Check back with us next week for more of our detailed coverage of SWTOR Game Update 2.3. Let’s hope Bioware will not delay the update!

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