SWTOR Bounty Contract Event – Kingpin Contracts Overview

Today marks the beginning of the much awaited Bounty Contract Event for SWTOR. For gamers who plan on spending their entire week searching for high-profile targets throughout the galaxy, you will have a chance at one point to take on very perilous hunting missions called ‘Kingpin Contracts’.

In addition to the “Henchman Bounty Contract” that you are able to do on a daily basis, there’s this special contract that you can take on as soon as you reach a certain requirement. Bounty hunters calls this “Kingpin Contracts” where your job is to hunt down the leader of these henchmen.

How to unlock Kingpin Contracts:

SWTOR Kingpin 01

Unlocking the Kingpin Contracts requires that you have at least five Completed Bounty Contracts. These contracts can be obtained in two ways:

– Complete five Henchman Bounty Missions, which can be done daily per toon. If you have more than one toon, then you can transfer the contracts in between to come up with five contracts.
– You will see people selling these contracts in the Fleet. The price ranges from 100K-150K. If you don’t have time to do the Henchman Bounty Missions and you have credits, simply buy them.

Pick One Kingpin Contract

SWTOR Kingpin 02

Once you come up with five Completed Bounty Contracts, you can go to the Cartel Bazaar in your Fleet and exchange those for a Kingpin Bounty Mission. Once you exchange them, you will get Reputation Points, and the mission for you to take down the high-profile target.

Talk to the Quest Giver

SWTOR Kingpin 03

Immediately go to the planet indicated in your chosen Kingpin Contract. Simply talk to the person that will give you the mission.

Use the Macrobinoculars

SWTOR Kingpin 04

If you love using the Macrobinoculars introduced in Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion, you will be using them here to narrow down the location of your target. Open up your map and go to the area where you’re supposed to search for clues.

SWTOR Kingpin 05

Once you reach the location, use the probes to narrow down your search. Use your Macrobinoculars and search for the probes you used in the area. After scanning all five probes, then find the target.

Taking Down the Target

SWTOR Kingpin 06

It’s recommended that you group up when you face your target. Even though you are high leveled and geared up, the fight can be really tough. When I fought my target, I had a hard time taking him down since there are adds that keeps on coming. I highly suggest that you find a partner for this mission.

As soon as you either capture him or take him down, go to the mission giver and you will complete the mission. Return to the Cartel Bazaar and turn in your finished contract to receive your reward. The rewards that you will get are similar to the ones you receive in Henchman missions.

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