Final Fantasy XIV – Spiritbond on Equipments Detailed

Final Fantasy XIV - Spiritbond and Materias

One of the terms players will familiarize themselves with in Final Fantasy XIV is “Spiritbond”. Upon checking the stat of your equipment, you will see a Spiritbond listed on it with a percentage. Well, what does Spiritbond mean exactly?

In Final Fantasy XIV, Spiritbond is the way for the equipment you are wearing to know how much you use them. As you battle enemies throughout Eorzea, the Spiritbond percentage on equipment used increases. Once you reach 100%, you will have the ability to turn it into a Materia that can be used to embed on certain equipment that has slots. Since you will be getting a lot of equipment throughout the game at early levels and will keep on replacing them, you can convert those you are not using anymore into different kinds of Materias. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know what kind of Materias will come from the equipment that is converted.

Now, just how does converting your equipment work?

Materia Assimilating

Final Fantasy XIV - Spiritbond 02

To convert your 100% Spiritbonded items into a Materia, you must have the [Materia Assimilating] ability unlocked. If you haven’t, make sure you do the [Forging the Spirit] quest located at [The Bon Fire] in Central Thanalan. This quest isn’t hard to miss since you will come across this area during your story mission.

Choose your 100% Spiritbonded Equipments

Final Fantasy XIV - Spiritbond 03

If you have a piece of equipment that is 100% spiritbonded to you, it should appear on the list. Make sure that you don’t convert the equipment that you are currently using.

Confirm your Selection

Final Fantasy XIV - Spiritbond 04

Once you select the equipment you would like to convert, your should see the prompt pictured above. Confirm it and you will get your Materia.

Now that you have a Materia in your hands, it’s time to put it on the gear that have slots. For information on how to affix them, check out our “Affixing the Materias” guide.

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