Final Fantasy XIV Primal Guide – Titan, the Lord of Crags

Final Fantasy XIV Primal Guide – Titan, the Lord of Crags

Final Fantasy XIV - Titan Primal Featured

Right after the defeat of Ifrit, the next Primal that you have to take down is the lord of the crags named Titan. Compared to Ifrit, Titan has more mechanics that everyone needs to pay attention to. This fight will require more teamwork as one wrong move can wipe the entire party out. Fans of Final Fantasy XIV will find this fight a lot tougher than Ifrit, so watch out!

Having passed the seemingly endless trials imposed upon you by the Company of Heroes, you have been entrusted with the knowledge of a secret way into the Navel, the domain of the primal Titan. Courtesy of Y’shtola’s magicks, the beastman aetheryte is now primed to send you to a confrontation with the Lord of Crags. Gird your loins for struggle of titanic proportions.

To unlock the primal Titan fight, you must have gone through the mission with the Company of Heroes in Costa Del Sol. Once you’ve done the quests the five members of the Company imposed upon you, the Navel primal fight will appear on your Duty Finder.

Okay, are you ready? Let’s get to it.

Phase One

Final Fantasy XIV - Titan Primal 02

During the first phase of Titan primal fight, you only have to watch out for two moves. Failure to take heed on these two moves will cause you to be knocked out.

Final Fantasy XIV - Titan Primal 05

The move that everyone needs to watch out for when fighting Titan is his Geocrush move. Titan will jump into the air and you will see a red circle around the battlefield. To make sure that you don’t get knocked out, stay inside the circle but not close to the middle since Titan will pound the ground. The closer you are to where Titan pounds the ground, the greater the damage you will receive.

Final Fantasy XIV - Titan Primal 04

The second move that you have to watch out for is when you see his line of sight in blue (pictured above). As soon as you see that, immediately move away or you’ll be knocked out. Also, make sure to never stand near Titan as there’s a tendency that you will get knocked back as well.

Phase Two

When Titan reaches around 50% health, he will go to phase two where he will add another move while still incorporating the moves he used in phase one.

Final Fantasy XIV - Titan Primal 03

– One of the new mechanics that’s been added in this fight is when Titan will turn anyone in the group into stones. As soon one party member gets turned into stone, DPS or the tank should focus in taking down the stone. Once the stone gets smashed, the party will come back.

– Aside from watching out for the stone, everyone should focus in taking down the Titan’s Heart as quickly as you can. The option to take down the Titan’s Heart will open up as soon as you enter phase two. If possible, have the best DPS in the group do the limit break. Once you take down the heart, you will see Titan transform into some sort of Rage mode. Be sure the healer in the group is ready to do an AOE heal.

Phase Three

Phase three is the last phase of this Titan Primal Fight. In this phase, Titan will use the moves he used in both phases. With the Titan’s Heart now down, it’s time focus on Titan. As for a new mechanic, there is one that you have to watch out for.

Final Fantasy XIV - Primal Fight Titan

As the group takes down Titan, he will launch two water puddles on the ground. If you find yourself standing in the puddle, immediately move as the Titan will launch a ground attack.

Final Tips:

That’s all you need to know in terms of the mechanics in this fight. Here are more tips from us:

– If possible, have the White Mage cast Stone Skin.
– The Tank must be able to keep the aggro on him, as this fight can get messy.
– If there’s someone on the group that can heal aside from the White Mage, try helping the White Mage do the healing if you see an opening.

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