Final Fantasy XIV – How to Dye Your Own Gear

Final Fantasy XIV – How to Dye Your Own Gear

From the plethora of equipments that you are able to get in Final Fantasy XIV, some of them will you an option to give color to it. Similar in other MMO games, giving a dye on your select equipments will make your character fashionable or stand out among the crowd. Sometimes when you get a piece of equipment that doesn’t match the color of others, you can simply put a dye on it to match the colors.

In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, dyeing isn’t unlocked from the beginning. In fact, you have to unlock the ability by complete a quest. To get started, make sure that you are level 15.

Quest: Color Your World Quest

Final Fantasy XIV - Dye your Armor 01

To do the quest, go to Western Thanalan and find a small town called Vesper Bay. Look for a pirate in the middle of the town that sits on the bench named Swyrgeim. When you talk to him and accept the quest, he’ll ask you to get him an Orange Juice. As soon as you give him what he needs, he’ll be able to teach you the Dyeing ability.

Getting an Orange Juice

Final Fantasy XIV - Dyeing 03

Head to the Central Thanalan and find “The Coffer and Coffin” on your map. It’s located south of Black Brush Station. Once you reach the small outpost, go inside the Tavern and look for the Alehouse Wench. Talk to her and she’ll sell you an Orange Juice for 7 gil.

Now return to Swygeim and give him his Orange Juice. When you complete the quest, she’ll give you a set of dye items and the ability to use them.

Dye Ability Learned!

Final Fantasy XIV - Dye 05

Congratulations in learning the Dye ability! To use the dye items you received from Swygreim, go to [Action & Traits] and click on General. You will see the Dye icon and just click it. Simply select the equipment you want to dye (only on select equipments, pretty much the one with the colored circle on the top right corner of the icon) and choose the colors.

If you are in need of dye materials, you can find them in shops throughout Eorzea or a certain profession can craft it.

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