Xbox LIVE Game Price Increases Imminent From Dashboard Update

xbox live game price increase

xbox live game price increase

Some beta testers in the UK have notices that the price of Xbox Live games have increased thanks to the introduction of the currency system.

If you did not know already, Microsoft is getting rid of the point system in favor of using localized currency. This makes it easier to exactly know how much money you are spending online.

Some UK beta testers have updated the Xbox 360 dashboard, and have realized there have been price increases for games.

A reddit poster revealed the following to give you an idea of the changes:

The problem is that Microsoft has used the occasion to hike prices by a good 33%.

400pt games now cost £4.49 (but 400pts will convert to £3.33)
800pt games now cost £8.99 (but 800pts = £6.66)
1200pt games now cost £11.99 (but 1200pts = £10)
1600pt games now cost £14.99 (but 1600pts = £13.33)

We’ll have to wait and see if other countries will suffer the same price increases for Xbox Live games and items.

With that being said, do you like the chance to real world currencies or did you prefer the point system instead?

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