SWTOR Game Update 2.3 – Czerka Corporate Labs HM Guide

SWTOR Game Update 2.3 – Czerka Corporate Labs HM Guide

One of the big additions in the upcoming Game Update 2.3 for SWTOR are the two new flashpoints: Czerka Corporate Labs and Czerka Core Meltdown. With the two new flashpoints coming in a month, many are excited to see what challenges await them.

Please take note that the guide is based on the public test server build. If we find any changes to their attack pattern, we will update this guide.

CZ-8X Eradicator Droid

SWTOR Game Update 2.3 CZ-8X Eradicator Droid

CZ-8X Eradicator Droid is a very easy boss to take down. Make sure everyone pays attention into several things as it can help the team survive from the boss’ several attacks, especially when it uses the water to his advantage.

– When you hear the Siren, immediately get out from the pool of water. The Droid will raise his shield, put electricity onto the water, and three little droids will come attack you.
– As soon as the electricity kicks in, have the tank taunt all the adds to the area where there’s no water.
– Watch out for the boss when it randomly pulls someone. If the droid pulls you when there’s electricity on the water, get out from it ASAP. Healers must be on standby since whoever gets pulled, they will be slowed down making it hard for the person to reach the dry area.
– If you are a ranged DPS, simply stay on the dry surface.

Rewards: 2 Elite Commendations, Pristine gear piece.

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