Steam Summer Getaway Sale Day 3 – The Witcher 2, Tomb Raider and more

Steam Summer Getaway Sale Day 3

Ready to spend more money on Steam? Well, there are more games that are on sale today starting with The Witcher 2 and Tomb Raider.

Gamers who are looking to save big bucks on hit games like Resident Evil 6, The Witcher 2: Assassin’s of Kings or Borderlands, now is the time to get those wallets out as they are among the games that are on sale. How does Tomb Raider for $12.49 sounds? Good deal eh?

Well here are the list of games that are on sale today on Steam. For the full list of the games, head over to your Steam client.

- Tomb Raider, $12.49
- The Witcher 2: Assassin’s of Kings, $4.99
- Might and Magic: Heroes VI, $10.19
- Resident Evil 6, $19.99
- Stardrive, $10.19
- Nazi Zombie Army, $5.09
- RPG Maker VX, $23.79
- Age of Empires II HD Edition, $9.99
- Borderlands 2, $10.19
- Mars: War Logs, $9.99

Don’t forget that there are Flash Sales as well, where games will only be on sale for eight hours. At this moment, the following games are on sale:

- Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition, $7.49
- Kinectic Void, $6.79
- L.A Noire, $4.99
- Battlefield: Bad Company 2, $5.99

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