PS4 Finally Getting Cross-Game Chat

ps4 playstation plus multiplayer

ps4 playstation plus multiplayer

For quite some time, PlayStation 3 owners have been asking for a cross game chat feature to be available. Well, those who are still hoping for that feature on the PS4, they will be pleased to hear that it’s finally coming.

Remember that PlayStation Plus is required to play online multiplayer games? Apparently, the only way you can get the cross-game chat feature is if you’re a subscriber. After years of clamoring for the said feature, gamers can now talk with friends regardless of what game they’re playing, although a PlayStation Plus subscription will be required. But then again, who doesn’t have a PlayStation Plus? The more features we hear about the PlayStation Plus, the more the PlayStation fans gets excited as for that cheap subscription, they’re getting awesoome value: free games, online multiplayer, and now cross-game chat.

Oh, and don’t forget that a headset will come with the PS4 when it releases this year, that means you will not have to buy a headset.

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Mark Fajardo

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  • Your getting excited about something the xbox 360 has had since launch, that’s so funny. 10 years and the PS3 could never do something the xbox 360 did on launch. Just remember while the Xbox came up with cross party chat they will have something else the PS4 won’t have and it will be another 10 years when the PS5 comes out until can have it too. If your going to only buy one console do yourself a favor and get the Xbox One.

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