Pay For Extra Cars and Tracks In Driveclub Plus Edition

driveclub ps4 screenshot

driveclub ps4 screenshot

Sony announced that a “free” version of Driveclub will be available for PlayStation Plus subscribers later this year. It has been confirmed it will not be the full game however.

Driveclub will be the first racing title to grace the PS4. It is being developed by Evolution Studios who made the Motorstorm series. This free version of Driveclub will be available on launch day too.

VVV Automotive had a chance to speak with the game’s Design Director Paul Rutchynsky. He clarified what you will get in the free version of the game.

The core game will be available and it includes the single player and multiplayer modes intact. The things you will have to pay for are additional cars and tracks that you want to play. This is a similar setup other free-to-play video games use.

Alternatively, you can just buy the full version of Driveclub if you are looking to experience a next-gen racing title.

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