NCAA Slam Dunk Contest Champion Helps Create NBA 2K14

nba 2k14 slam dunk

nba 2k14 slam dunk

This year’s NCAA Slam Dunk contest winner Doug Anderson has helped create some of the dunks and moves you will see in NBA 2K14.

As reported by The Detroit News, some of Anderson’s moves and dunks have been used in NBA 2K14.

Here’s what Anderson had to say about being involved in the game:

“I’m real excited for this. (NBA 2K) is as close to the NBA as you can get. The more and more they did, the better they got. This is big for me. I wasn’t coming from a big school. The dunk contest helped, especially how things are going good for me now.”

NBA 2K14 will be out for both current generation and next generation consoles later this year.

Check out some of Anderson’s dunks in the video below:

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