Xbox One Used Games Won’t Require You To Pay A Fee?

xbox one used games

xbox one used games

A lot of information has been spread about Microsoft and the Xbox One’s ability to play used games. It’s hard to know what is true or not since Microsoft itself has been flip flopping its remarks too. Here is all of the latest information we’ve gathered around the net.

First off, Larry Hyrb (Major Nelson) made another announcement on Xbox One and used games:

“The ability to trade in and resell games is important to gamers and to Xbox. Xbox One is designed to support the trade in and resale of games. Reports about our policies for trade in and resale are inaccurate and incomplete. We will disclose more information in the near future.”

He did not specify anything we have not heard before, but it’s good to know he used the word “inaccurate” and “incomplete” in there. That first rumor about used games costing the same as full priced games scared away a lot of gamers. It’s likely that first rumor is false (hopefully).

Secondly, a report from Polygon says used games won’t need a fee to be activated. Sources say that used games may not require a fee, but the Xbox One does need regular online checks to authenticate the games you are playing on your system. Hopefully it does not need to be checked every 24 hours…

Thirdly, Eurogamer have reported that the activation fee will be paid by the retailer before they go on and sell a used game to their stores. They also mentioned that part of the money will now go to Microsoft and the publisher as well as the retailer. Unlike before where the retailer gets 100% of the profits made from a used game. One thing that sounds annoying is that Eurogamer suggests used games won’t be as cheap anymore because of this new policy that has been imposed.

Bear in mind this is all unconfirmed information at the moment. Hopefully Microsoft (between now and November) announces the legitimate policy it has regarding used games with the Xbox One.

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