One Piece Unlimited World: Red Announced for the Nintendo 3DS

One Piece Unlimited World: Red

One Piece Unlimited World: Red

While One PIece is on break for the next couple of weeks, fans were given something else to look forward to. That is the announcement of a new One Piece game called One Piece Unlimited World: Red. The announcement simply gives the name and has a picture of the strawhats fighting a dragon, which suggests the game will include Punk Hazard in some capacity.

Despite the lack of information at the moment, the gameplay and title suggest it might be a spin off of the Unlimited Cruise series, which got an updated 3DS port a while back. It seems quite possible that this game will continue in the same footsteps as those games, but also include the later Mermaid Island and Punk Hazard stories.

[Source: APForums ]

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