New Pokemon Revealed in this weeks CoroCoro

With Mewtwo’s new form being revealed a few weeks back, Nintendo has announced some new Pokemon for the upcoming Pokemon X and Y. These Pokemon are as follows below:

  • Gogoat – Grass type, “riding Pokemon”, can literally be road (apparently) and can learn Horn Leech.
  • Elikiteru – Electric / Normal type, has a skilled called “Parabola Charge” (heals while damaging the opponent) and uses solar energy to generate electricity.
  • Yayakoma – Normal / Flying type, can use Flame Charge.
  • Yancham – Fighting type, can use Parting Remark (lowers status and forces the trainer to swap them out)

In addition to the new Pokemon being revealed, it seems X and Y will feature the ability to further customize your trainer. The scans indicate you can at least change your skin color, which isn’t much, but some progress is better than none at all.

[Source: Serebii]

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