SWTOR Rise of the Hutt Cartel- Hammer Station HM Flashpoint Guide

Hammer Station is one of the four flashpoints that received the hard mode treatment in Rise of the Hutt Cartel Digital Expansion for SWTOR. Just like other classic hard mode flashpoints, Hammer Station has some challenges and tough enemies in store for you. Stay on your toes and prepare yourself to clear it!


– 2 Elite Commendations for every Boss Fight
– 2 Exotic Element Equalizer (Both Bonus and Final Boss)
– 2 Black Market piece gear (Both Bonus and Final Boss)


-The use of CC’s in the first part of the flashpoint is recommended. Make sure that someone in the group can CC a droid.

Boss #1

Hammer Station 1

DN-314 Tunneler
– Healer needs to watch for the boss’ Targeted Laser ability when it attacks the tank.
– Use Cleanse when the tank gets at least five stacks of Targeted Laser attack
– Watch out for the boss’ Demolition Droids. The boss will summon these droids when he reaches 50% of its HP.

Boss #2

Hammer Station 2

Vorgan the Volcano
– Along with Vorgan, there will be two more bosses that you will have to fight in this phase: Sawbones Gjonfs and “Torch.
– DPS must first take down Sawbones then Torch.
– Watch out for the shields that can absorb the DPS’ attacks. When you see them being used, move to the next enemy.

Boss (Bonus)

Hammer Station 3

Asteroid Beast
– The boss will cast its ‘Rampge’ attack frequently during this boss fight where he will smash the ground several times. For every ‘Rampage‘ that he does, it will stun everyone within range for about three to five seconds and deal around 2000 HP for every smash it does.
– It’s advisable that Ranged DPS should stay far away as possible to avoid the boss’ ‘Rampage’
– A Sage’s Salvation healing ability will help make this fight easier. Just make sure everyone stays close together.
– If not beaten in certain amount of time, the boss will enrage causing a complete wipe to the party. Make sure the DPS can deal enough amount!

Final Boss

Hammer Station 4

Battlelord Kreshan
– Before the tank initiates the fight, make sure the tank goes in front of the terminal and tank the boss. That will make the entire group face its back. If the tank doesn’t make the boss face the terminal, it will cause trouble to the group as his ability, Sweeping Gunfire, will deal alot of damage to everyone.
– Stay out from the dots that you see on the ground. You will see him toss a grenade and a red dot will appear. Move as quickly as you can to evade it as it can damage anyone up to 8K of HP.
– Several times during this fight, adds will arrive. DPS must take them down pronto.
– The boss will have a knockback ability. Do not stay on the ledges! Always still in the middle.

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