SWTOR Rise of the Hutt Cartel- Cademimu HM Flashpoint Guide

SWTOR Rise of the Hutt Cartel- Cademimu HM Flashpoint Guide

The Cademimu Flashpoint is one of the early flashpoints that you might recall from the beginning of the game. In the Rise of the Hutt Cartel, Cademimu has been given the “hard mode” treatment and will require some more effort to do. Just like in other “hard mode” classic flashpoints, Cademiu has some slight changes in the boss’ A.I.


– [1] Exotic Element Equalizer (Grade 10 Exotic Crafting Material)
– [2] Black Market gear piece (One for the bonus and final boss)


– Just like in the regular flashpoint, the probe that you see around the area can be knocked back for an easy kill.
– Those who prefer a shortcut, make sure you someone in the group that has a Scavenging crew skill at level 450.

Boss #1

– The droid is immune to any of the group’s attack unless you trap him. To do so, look for the orange circle in the area and trap him there. Once he’s trapped, he will be enclosed in an orange cage where anyone can damage him.
– Tanks cannot hold aggro on this droid as he will randomly target anyone in the group.

Beware of the following attacks:
– Sticky Grenade. No one can avoid this sticky grenade. Make sure the healer heals up the person that is being targeted as it will do a great a huge amount of damage to the player.


– Just like the regular flashpoint, focus on the main boss. Once he’s dead, E4-NC will die.

Boss #2

Captain Grimyk

– All DPS must focus on the boss as the more time you spend in taking him down, more of his adds will be summoned.

Beware of the following attacks:
– His flamethrower will not damage any of his adds in this hard mode flashpoint.
– Unless you are a tank, you should not be on the area where he does his AOE flamethrower. Stay away!

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