Dust 514 launching this May 14

Dust 514 launching this May 14

Dust 514

At long last, CCP Games’ Dust 514 will finally be out of beta pretty soon as the game will officially come out this May 14 for the PlayStation 3.

Dust 514 is a massive online first person shooter that depicts similarities to the gameplay of the Call of Duty and Battlefield series. Those who are interested in the game will not be required to spend a dime as it will be free-to-play. However, expect micro-transactions within the game. Fans who played EVE Online before will feel right at home in this upcoming MMO.

Here are the highlights that players can expect:

· Massive Persistent Universe: Wage war on the surfaces of far-flung planets with countless environmental combinations.
· Planetary Conquest: Marshal your forces in a continuous, ever-changing battle to conquer the worlds of New Eden and control their resources.
· Large-scale Warfare: Vie for control of unique sci-fi battlefields with up to 32 players in simultaneous combat.
· Endless Customization: Create custom mercenaries with lethal dropsuits, skills and weapons.
· Vehicles On-demand: Acquire, outfit and deploy heavily armed and armored vehicles, on land and in the skies.
· Social Sandbox: Build a formidable corporation with thousands of players as you seize the opportunities and bounties that come with galactic conflict.
· Connected Experience: For the first time ever, join forces in a cross-platform gaming experience with the immortal starship pilots of EVE Online to conquer New Eden, one skirmish at a time.

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