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Good: Simple Presentation, Multiple Modes, Level Editor, Never The Wrong Place For Long
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Cubemen 2 is the brand new fast paced 3D tower defence title from developer 3 Sprockets. The original brought the cube natured series applause for its uniqueness and Cubemen 2 aims to build on this by bringing in a number of new features to the series. Gameplay isn’t limited to just defending in Cubemen 2, since new modes like attacking and flag capturing on the menu. However, will it be defending itself against a bad review score or will it be the one game to put tower defences back on the map?

Let’s look at what’s HOT and what’s NOT in our review of Cubemen 2.


Simple Presentation

Not much has changed in terms of the visuals from the original Cubemen game. This is certainly not a bad thing, since it has a pleasant presentation, which is both simplistic and colourful. Nothing breaks the visual experience, with everything from the maps and the men to the blood effects being made from cubes. The explosions and pops go alongside this theme seamlessly creating a solid presentation.

Multiple Modes

It may be a tower defence game, but defending a single base is not all that Cubemen 2 offers. For single player there is both the typical defence and a new Rescue mode. Rescue sees players trying to get people safely back to their base and is an unusual twist on the usual gameplay. For both singleplayer and multiplayer there are three other modes to choose from; Skirmish, Capture The Flag and Territory. Capture The Flag is my personal favourite, with players having to judge when to send Chuck, the only unit that can grab enemy flags, and when to defend. It adds another element into the gameplay where the player has to time their attacks to win.

Cubemen 2 China TopsLevel Editor

The level editor is extremely simple to use and within no time at all players can build and start playing their new levels. As with many games where a level editor is included, the community has got behind the feature and made some extremely interesting and fun levels. These new levels add endless replay to the title, as players will always have the ability to play a brand new level. Created levels can be instantly played and upload for others in the community. There are plenty of themes to pick from which furthers the variation possible.

Never The Wrong Place For Long

We have all been there. Playing a tower defence game and with enough points to buy one of the best towers, then the worst thing possible happens. It gets accidentally placed or just generally not put in the optimum position. Usually the only way to remedy this is to sell the tower often resulting in a loss of points. This will never happen in Cubemen 2 as it is possible to move the towers or the cubemen themselves, to where ever you want. In fact some levels are constructed in such a fashion that at the start players must move the cubemen to defend multiple sides.

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Cubemen 2 Review, 7.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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