Counter-Strike Global Offensive Operation Payback Unveiled

Counter Strike GO Operation Payback

Counter Strike Global Offensive fans rejoice as a brand new set of maps named Operation Payback is released, by fans in conjunction with Valve.

The map pack named Operation Payback is a brand new way for gamers to show their support for the Counter Strike mapmaking community, whilst getting great content at the same time. Valve has decided on seven top voted community maps to be a part of this limited time bundle. The way Operation Payback works is that from now until July 31st these seven maps will be included on dedicated servers and the people behind the maps will get rewarded with real money.

For a limited time there is 50% off meaning to get the pass for the dedicated servers, with the fan made maps, is only $2.99 for unlimited access. It will also be possible to invite your friends to play the Operation Payback games without them owning a pass.

To find out more and see the levels themselves head over to Steam.

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