Valve Unveils Early Access On Steam

Valve Unveils Early Access On Steam

Valve has recently unveiled a brand new feature that it has brought to its Steam Store called Early Access.

Early Access is a feature that will allow developers to get added user input throughout the development process by simply letting gamers get instant access to the game. By basically offering players a taste of what is to come like in a beta the developers will look for feedback while gamers get to play the games they want to play earlier. It seems like a win-win but is there a down side? The game players will get their hands on won’t be the finished product and therefore may be buggy. If you can handle a few bugs and would like to give feedback which could help improve games before release however this feature is perfect for you.

There are 12 games already on the Early Access feature ranging from the recently hyped Kerbal Space Program to games from established franchises such as Arma 3. To check out the Early Access feature to see what games are available or to learn more about the feature head to the Early Access Steam page now!

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Oliver East

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